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Infrastructural Resilience

Acrux is a vision borne of the virtuous cycle between strategic intention and tactical engagement, a vision to drive unique transactional learning into the national conversation of infrastructural resilience.


Stronger Nation

Central to the Acrux mission is the artful balance of scale between central strategy and local engagement, an ever-evolving chance to increase both stakeholder partnerships and benefits… representing the opportunity of national faith, trust in ourselves, and the belief that we can literally build up partners to deliver a stronger nation.


Future Of Energy

Acrux focuses on leveraged opportunities for transformation at scale to build an inclusive and human-centered future for energy, water, data, food, transportation, real property, and community economic development.

Infrastructural Resilience

America's perceived divisions represent our greatest opportunities for leverage, using a vision of national "top-down" leadership to meet the unique experience of "bottom-up" localism.

  • Communities specifically define their needs to create new opportunities
  • Leveraged stakeholders craft win-wins for both local needs and economic viability
  • Local resilience projects backstop regional resilience systems
  • Regional resilience systems backstop national resilience

Stronger Nation

Acrux creates an artful balance of scale between strategy and tactical execution, to drive success for multiple stakeholder sets, which create further opportunities for partnership.

  • Resilient infrastructure projects increase future budget certainty and offset long-term risk
  • Regional economic growth is spurred by healthy infrastructure
  • Cities and counties can meet growth targets while increasing the level of available services
  • Both residential and commercial stakeholders enjoy benefits of reduced uncertainty

The Future Of Energy

Acrux engages national transformation across multiple industries to create novel opportunities for leveraged success. Major segments align to multiply their intrinsic values for the benefit of all.

  • National Electric Grid Transformation literally powers a democratized energy future
  • The Fourth Agricultural Revolution pulls our food resources closer to our doorstep, as land resources are managed as capital assets
  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution is driving ubiquitous data sensing and management into every facet of our lives
  • Physical water and transportation systems electrify and expand to meet the growing population need

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